Third Party Logistics (3PL)

third party logistics

Case Mason provides a wide variety of services that allow businesses to outsource the management of their entire supply chain. The range of services under the Case Mason third party logistics (3PL) umbrella include sourcing, warehousing, production, pick & pack, inventory management, order fulfillment, packaging, freight forwarding and delivery. Whether your business is looking to outsource one element of the supply chain, the entire supply chain or anywhere in between, Case Mason possesses the personnel, equipment, and resources to meet your demands. Our full range of services and solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs.

At Case Mason, we take pride in cultivating and maintaining excellent client relationships. We always aim to make the lives of our clients easier, and our third party logistics services do just that.


Case Mason constantly builds and maintains relationships with a broad network of trusted vendors and suppliers. Case Mason leverages these relationships to provide our clients the best value, material quality and components for all of their packaging needs. We continuously look for outstanding supply partners and readily welcome the opportunity to work with clients’ existing suppliers during the sourcing process.


Case Mason has 155,000 square feet of racked warehousing space for storing inbound components, as well as finished goods ready for distribution. Serving clients with both traditional and pick and pack needs, we can warehouse products and packaging, while helping customers with storage support to achieve bulk pricing in manufacturing.

In providing timely and efficient logistical support, Case Mason employs a real-time inventory tracker and manager. Our inventory management system is just one aspect of our customized warehouse management software, PackManager, designed by Nulogly.

We also have the capabilities to further expand into temporary space during peak production seasons to easily handle a number of jobs simultaneously and provide storage for large-volume projects.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management team at Case Mason takes on the responsibilities of component sourcing, storage and use in production. Once production is complete, we store and track finished good quantities for sale. Whether your business requires pick and pack services or just basic storage and production services, our customized warehousing software, PackManager, is able to support all of your inventory management needs. Our inventory system and core capabilities are designed to serve a variety of markets and industries. We take pride in building customized solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. In regard to our inventory system, we have the ability to create real-time client portals that allow our clients to access current storage levels, production output and finished good quantities.

Fulfillment and Distribution

Case Mason possesses the fulfillment and distribution experience, expertise and staff to ensure that your products arrive at their destination on time. Our distribution and fulfillment capabilities enable us to ship direct to home, direct to store or direct to distribution center, both domestically and internationally.

All services and operations are managed and supervised by Case Mason personnel. In addition to our Case Mason team, we have the ability to partner with our sister company, Webb Mason, to provide additional fulfillment and pick-and-pack efficiency and value.