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Is Your Company Prepared For The Holiday Season Rush?

Is Your Company Prepared For The Holiday Season Rush?

Each year, the holiday season has a tendency to sneak up on all of us, both in our personal and professional lives. While we may not be able to break your habit of last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, Case Mason can ensure that your business is properly prepared for the holiday season. For 43 years, Case Mason has been providing complete turnkey packaging, filling and fulfillment services to support our clients’ seasonal and holiday orders. If your company is in a bind and has a rapidly approaching deadline, Case Mason has the available capacity to take on your rush project(s) and meet the shipping deadline. Whether your company is looking to form a long term business relationship or simply looking to outsource a particular holiday or seasonal project, Case Mason is your one-stop-shop for all contract packaging, kitting, filling and fulfillment needs.

We know that the holidays present a bevy of challenges for many companies.  Businesses are scrambling to meet high consumer demand levels during a very small window of time, as well as trying to maximize year-end revenue and profitability. At Case Mason, we welcome the challenge of meeting our clients’ holiday and seasonal order deadlines, all the while providing the most cost-efficient solutions in the industry. Our ability to manage all aspects of the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to distributing finished goods, allows our clients to insulate themselves from many of the headaches that rush holiday and seasonal projects cause. We take pride in building and maintaining long-term client relationships and are always willing to take on rush projects that help our clients get out of a jam.

A prime example of Case Mason’s commitment to building lasting business relationships and our capacity for seasonal and holiday programs is our partnership with McCormick. For more than 30 years, Case Mason has supported McCormick’s core and seasonal business.  During McCormick’s peak holiday and grilling seasons, new rush orders are constantly being placed. Our flexibility, attention to detail and ability to respond quickly to incoming orders has positioned Case Mason as McCormick’s go-to contract packaging company.

“Thanks to Case Mason’s ability to handle large volumes of hand work and their close attention to detail, we are able to fast track our seasonal promotions to our national customer base, including customer-specific displays and gift packs distributed directly to our customers.” -McCormick

With the holiday season upon us in just a few short months, we have a couple key questions for companies to consider:

  1. Will your current inventory cover all orders through the holiday season?
  2. Does your warehouse or your current packaging, filling or fulfillment partner have available capacity to complete your holiday orders?
  3. Historically, do rush orders appear during this time of the year that your company has been unprepared for and/or unable to fill in the past?

If you answered ‘no’ to either of the first two questions and/or answered ‘yes’ to the third question, Case Mason is here to lend a hand. Case Mason understands the challenges of peak season surges can make or break your company’s year. So, start planning now and alleviate some of your peak season stress by partnering with Case Mason.

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