Contract Filling Services

Filling services are integral to product development, and packaging should build a memorable connection for consumers with your brand. At Case Mason, we specialize in contract filling and blending services. We customize our filling capabilities to your brand specifications and timeline. Our team also adheres to the highest safety and quality standards. Backed by over 40 years of experience, we offer turnkey solutions to all your contract filling and packaging needs.

What Is Contract Filling?

Contract Filling Services
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Rather than handling filling processes within your business, contract filling is the outsourcing of filling operations to a company that specializes in those services. Contract filling services can be quite advantageous for product manufacturers that already have a developed product that needs packaging, eliminating costs your business would incur to purchase specialized filling equipment, and allowing experts to handle the filling so that you won’t have to.

At Case Mason, we capitalize on our consumer insights to help create attractive, cost-effective packaging solutions for well-known brands and startups alike. We offer manual and automated operations for scalable production runs to best suit your needs.

Bottle Filling

Our bottle filling capabilities allow us to work with both liquid and dry products for rapid filling of as many as 100 bottles each minute. For versatile packaging options, Case Mason is able to fill plastic and glass bottles, jars, and tins, finishing the process with heat induction, capping, and sealing.

Cosmetics Filling

Our cosmetic filling services include the capability to package granular (we don’t the right equipment for cosmetic granular filling, so that part can be removed. We can only fill industrial granular products) and liquid products in a range of fill sizes and container types. Our team works with both small startup brands as well as global cosmetic companies, customizing our filling processes to meet your production run needs.

Nail Polish Filling

Nail polish filling and packaging play a great role in branding. We cover every aspect of the filling process, handling all component combinations and viscosities for up to 30 million units annually. Our experience includes everything from water-based polishes to high-end salon products. Read our case study to learn how Case Mason’s capacity and flexibility aided an international nail polish customer.

Tube Filling

We provide filling, capping, and labeling for plastic and laminate tubes. Our on-site filling equipment accommodates 0.5- to 4-ounce tubes.

Bulk Filling

Case Mason offers high-speed bulk filling for dry goods in customizable packaging. Whether your specifications require hard plastic or glass, we work closely with you to configure our equipment for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This service is ideal for club stores and other commercial food services.

Liquid Ingredient Blending

We provide blending for beverages, cosmetics, and specialty chemicals. Our wide range of services includes raw material acquisition and auditing, blending, formulation, packaging, and quality inspections. We handle viscosities from zero to 1 million cP, with a capacity for 100- to 1,200-gallon tanks.

Benefits of Contract Filling

Whether you are interested in low- or high-volume jobs or reworking a project, Case Mason’s integrated contract filling services provide the following benefits:

  • Efficient, in-house, turnkey solutions by experienced professionals and specialized equipment
  • Ultimate versatility with a wide selection of container options for numerous products
  • Flexibility, with tooling and equipment our on-site engineering team can quickly repurpose
  • Regulatory compliance in an FDA- and EPA-registered facility
  • Reduction in the financial risk of operating your own packaging facility
  • Project completion on schedule and budget
  • Organic filling options

Our Case Mason team keeps abreast of industry filling innovations, and the company maintains several industry-specific certifications. In addition to our facility registrations, we are Kosher and AIB certified, as well as alcohol bonded with a food processing license in Maryland. We provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for contract filling to handle all types of liquid solutions.


“Case Mason has filled all seven of our salves and lip balms for the past several decades with strict adherence to our formulation needs. Samples are collected and retained for each batch and are tested for conformance to product standards. In all aspects of filling, we have relied on the sound professional advice of Case Mason.”

– Vivian S. Clipp, President of Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc.

Contact Case Mason for Contract Filling Services That Drive Your Brand

Case Mason is more than a contract filling, packaging, and assembly company. Since 1974, we have offered everything from material sourcing to distribution to supply time-saving branding opportunities and take the stress out of filling processes for manufacturers. Whatever your product or unique specification, we have the expertise to produce high-quality work that resonates with consumers. Contact us today to learn more.