Guide to Contract Filling & Packaging

Guide to Contract Filling & Packaging

Filling and packaging are two of the many challenges that businesses face when putting a product on the market. Many brands decide to outsource these operations to a third-party contract filling or packaging company. The reasons for this decision vary, but typically involve:

  • Lack of specialized equipment
  • Minimal space to install new machinery
  • High up-front costs in purchasing equipment
  • Desire to capitalize on the experience and efficiency of a trusted co-packer
  • Soft-launching, one-time production runs, or seasonal goods production
  • Fast company growth necessitating scalable operations

For businesses that don’t have the equipment or background for filling and packaging, partnering with a contract company adds advantageous speed, affordability, reliability, and flexibility to production.

Since 1974, Case Mason has developed a reputation for quality filling and packaging services, timely delivery, and competitive prices for clients worldwide. Learn more about our broad spectrum of capabilities and how Case Mason works to support your brand.


Who Uses Contract Filling & Packaging?

Both large, well-known brands and small startups hire the services of contract filling and packaging companies. Working with a contract filling and packaging company allows businesses flexible process scalability without the investment in additional equipment or filling and packaging training. Backed by decades of experience, the experts at Case Mason can rapidly and efficiently handle your production runs and logistical concerns for you so that your employees can instead focus on what they do best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contract Filling & Packaging

How Do You Determine the Cost in Contract Filling & Packaging?

Many factors affect filling and packaging costs, such as the product type, the price of raw materials, production run size, and packaging complexity. Also, higher volumes can sometimes lead to reduced cost-per-unit pricing. Our team will work with you to determine the most cost-effective process for your business.

How Long Do the Contract Filling & Packaging Processes Take?

This answer depends on a company’s capabilities, material lead times, and desired volume, among other factors. Before partnering with a company, make sure that their timeframe fits your schedule. At Case Mason, we strive for full efficiency, accommodating rush orders when possible.

What Should I Look for in a Contract Filling & Packaging Partner?

Clients partnering with us benefit from our experience working with diverse markets, our resourcefulness and capabilities, our affordability, our scalable flexibility, and our location in Baltimore near major highways, airports, and shipping routes. We also maintain numerous certifications to ensure quality workmanship.

Can You Scale With Our Growing Volume?

A prospective filling and packaging partner must capably handle business and sales growth. Case Mason offers scalable solutions from our 135,000-sq-ft facility.

What Is Your QA Process?

QA ensures reliable product and service excellence. Case Mason’s QA department monitors all steps of production at regular intervals and again prior to product distribution.

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

If you have small-volume needs but a co-packer only accepts high volumes, that company won’t fit your business plan. Our production runs the gamut from small orders to millions of units.

Case Mason's Contract Filling & Packaging Services

At Case Mason, we design our filling and packaging services to meet your quality expectations, timeframe, and budget. We also offer omnichannel fulfillment to provide clients with comprehensive coverage. Let Case Mason be the low-stress solution to all your filling, packaging, and logistical needs. Contact us today for more information on our custom capabilities.