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Rush Re-work Makes Jolly Rancher Soda Happy

Rush Re-work Makes Jolly Rancher Soda Happy


Jolly Rancher Soda


Jolly Rancher Soda needed 10,000 cases of product reconfigured into tray cases, bundled and then assembled into a “rainbow” pallet within a week and a half time frame in order to take advantage of an opportunity that could total over $100,000 in sales.


Case Mason developed a customized process and mobilized a team to break down the flat units and reassemble the product into “rainbow” pallets for club stores, with each of the four varieties of the colorful soda packaging visible to consumers from all directions.


Case Mason instituted a time-efficient program that allowed for reconfiguration of the product into the finished rainbow pallets, by the deadline. This enabled Jolly Rancher Soda to take advantage of a very profitable opportunity. Our ability to continually meet the many packaging and fulfillment needs of Jolly Rancher has made Case Mason their “go-to” resource.