Cosmetics Packaging

Case Mason has over four decades of cosmetic filling and packaging experience, giving us the expertise needed to customize our comprehensive cosmetic packaging services to meet your precise specifications. We are the ideal contract packaging partner for a cosmetics entrepreneur looking to package their first product, a global brand searching for new and innovative packaging options, and anything in between.

Cosmetics Packaging Capabilities

At Case Mason, our team can provide packaging services for an array of cosmetic goods, including:

  • Nail polish
  • Mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow
  • Foundation, blush, bronzer, and concealer
  • Non-OTC cosmetic filling

As for packaging options, our machinery department’s in-house tooling capabilities allow us to quickly repurpose our versatile equipment and efficiently accommodate the most complex of packaging specifications with production efficiency and on-time delivery. We offer manual and automated options for packaging in low- or high-volume production runs. Our customers have numerous selections to choose from, including:

The flexibility and scalability of our services and equipment also help us provide high-quality contract packaging for subscription box fulfillment. Since 2015, Case Mason has provided large-scale subscription-based offerings for prominent cosmetic companies worldwide.

Case Mason’s Process

Case Mason aims to offer comprehensive services to assist clients in everything from procurement, filling, and assembly through packaging and supply chain management. Our company offers cosmetics filling and nail polish filling to provide cosmetics companies with innovative processes and consistent, exact filling with reliable seals. We can accommodate a variety of container and packaging sizes and styles—even those of unusual shapes—as well as unique labeling, all at competitive prices. We also have liquid blending capabilities for up to 1,200 gallons and viscosities as thick as mascara, or 1 million centipoise.

Regardless of your needs, our team of mechanics and engineers will tailor a plan for your packaging production to maximize efficiency and affordability, determining the optimal equipment and processes for your specific operation.

Case Mason’s Case Studies

Our company’s customization offerings, flexibility, and capacity serve as the mainstays of our business in cosmetics packaging. The following are a few case studies that demonstrate Case Mason’s cosmetic packaging capabilities.

40+ Years of Case Mason and Rosebud Perfume Co.

We have been Rosebud Perfume Company’s filling and packaging partner since the 1970s, also handling raw material sourcing, compounding liquid formulas, cooling, capping, distribution, and logistics. With over a century in the industry, it was only in the last 15 years that Rosebud began marketing numerous lip balms and salves in large national and international markets. To help match increasing demand, Case Mason developed an automated approach, a new tube design, and a modified formula with Rosebud to best suit the revised packaging. The entire operation now takes around 30 minutes, from filling to capping.

High-Volume Solution for a Growing Nail Polish Demand

An international nail polish company came to Case Mason for assistance with capabilities for customized filling to meet the needs of a wide range of customers while also growing production for rising sales orders. Our team was able to keep up with current production and simultaneously work with the client for engineering and fabricating the required change components that allowed them to package their nail polish in various sizes and configurations. We also took a proactive approach, repurposing and reengineering various filling equipment to ready the client for scalable manufacturing capacity to meet future demand. Our unwavering dedication to constant improvement provides exceptional benefits to both long-term and new clients.


“Case Mason has filled all seven of our salves and lip balms for the past several decades with strict adherence to our formulation needs. Samples are collected and retained for each batch and are tested for conformance to product standards. In all aspects of filling, we have relied on the sound professional advice of Case Mason.”

– Vivian S. Clipp, President of Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc.

Partner With Case Mason for Your Cosmetic Packaging Needs

Case Mason strives to be the go-to contract packaging and fulfillment partner for cosmetic brands and retailers of all sizes. Our team is committed to quality control to ensure that customers can rely on us for safe products of consistent quality and turnkey service. We’ve also developed long-term relationships with some of the world’s most well-known cosmetics companies to best support your business. Contact us today to learn more about the Case Mason difference.