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A Score and Five: An Employee’s Retrospective

A Score And Five: An Employee’s Retrospective

Nowadays, staying with the same company for more than a few years is becoming less and less common. Reaching the 25-year mark at one company? Almost unheard of in the modern workplace climate. Today’s piece from Ron Young, our Strategic Procurement Manager, proves that long-tenured employees still exist and are thriving. Ron has held positions in nearly every department over the course of his 25 years at Case Mason and plays a major role in every facet of our daily operations. His wealth of knowledge is truly remarkable and is something that nearly every employee leans on each day. Here’s to Ron’s 25th anniversary!

As I rapidly approach the 25th anniversary of the start of my career at Case Mason, I’m astonished at reaching this milestone. If I were asked in 1994 if I thought I’d be here over two decades later, I’m sure I would have doubted it. I could barely imagine a hobby lasting that long, but work seemed unlikely. Recently, I began to wonder, how uncommon was this milestone?

According to the Economic News Release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median tenure at the same firm is 4.6 years. The number is slightly lower for younger workers and higher for those somewhat older. Roughly one in ten stays with the same company for 20 or more years, a far departure from a few generations ago.

So why have I stayed? What brings me back each day? There are many reasons; I’d like to touch upon a few. First and foremost, the Mason family and the Case Mason management team have always treated me fairly and respectfully. That goes a long way in my book! I am given the opportunity to broaden my horizons, both financially and professionally. I’ve spent time in all aspects of the operation, honing existing skills, and certainly gaining new ones. Secondly, the staff; we truly are a family. Each person values each other’s contribution to the team. We communicate and get along well. We appreciate each other, offering both praise and constructive criticism. There’s a high level of trust; we have each other’s backs.

What really sets Case Mason apart from companies our size is the variety of work. From filling to kitting, from start-ups to multinational conglomerates, it seems like the production floor is reset several times a month. We strive to add value to every project and every customer. I really enjoy the challenge that the variety of customers and projects provides. One thing is for sure – it is never boring!

Wow, have the times changed! When I joined the Case Mason team, there was one lone computer, which belonged to the Sales Manager. We’ve added intricate automation, new machinery and capabilities, robust WMS systems, and invested in staff development. And now? We are integrating robots into some of our production processes! Some of this progress is inevitable, but a score and five years ago? Inconceivable! I’m proud to be a part of the legacy, but excited for the years to come.

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