How Contract Manufacturers Factor into the Cosmetics Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience

Like most people, I begin my workday by clicking on the email icon at the bottom of my desktop to begin reading and replying to any emails that came through overnight. I like to stay up to date on news across the many industries we support at Case Mason, so my Google Alerts email count is always increasing. As I was sifting through articles a few weeks back, one particular article published by Retail Drive, titled “Why beauty will continue to rule retail in 2018,” caught my eye because of our company’s extensive background in cosmetics filling and packaging. The article dives into the recent success of the retail health & beauty market and how retailers, like Sephora, Ulta and Glossier, have established themselves as the cream of the crop when it comes to delivering unmatched cosmetics shopping experiences and quality products to the consumer. Continue reading “How Contract Manufacturers Factor into the Cosmetics Shopping Experience”

Planning for 2018: Set Your Company Up for Success

2018 Planning

We’re now a full week and a half into December and the holidays are officially upon us. Here, at Case Mason, we understand that the holiday season has the ability to make or break your company’s year and how stressful that realization can be. While there’s always bound to be an abundance of rush orders and surprises during this time of the year, the stress that comes with those things can be avoided, or at least minimized. You might be asking yourself, “How can the stress be avoided if rush orders and surprises come out of left-field every year during the holiday season?” The answer: Planning. Continue reading “Planning for 2018: Set Your Company Up for Success”

Capitalizing on e-Commerce Sales is More Crucial Than Ever


It’s now November. The leaves have changed colors and are beginning to fall from the trees. The air is crisp and getting a little colder with each passing day. Baseball season has just ended, football is in full swing and basketball season is upon us. This time of the year is great for all of those reasons and so many more, but there is one reason that trumps the rest; the holiday season is officially underway. Continue reading “Capitalizing on e-Commerce Sales is More Crucial Than Ever”



Each year, the holiday season has a tendency to sneak up on all of us, both in our personal and professional lives. While we may not be able to break your habit of last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, Case Mason can ensure that your business is properly prepared for the holiday season. For 43 years, Case Mason has been providing complete turnkey packaging, filling and fulfillment services to support our clients’ seasonal and holiday orders. If your company is in a bind and has a rapidly approaching deadline, Case Mason has the available capacity to take on your rush project(s) and meet the shipping deadline. Whether your company is looking to form a long term business relationship or simply looking to outsource a particular holiday or seasonal project, Case Mason is your one-stop-shop for all contract packaging, kitting, filling and fulfillment needs. Continue reading “IS YOUR COMPANY PREPARED FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON RUSH?”

Subscription Summit: What We Learned About the Subscription Box Industry

Subscription Summit
Earlier this summer, Case Mason leadership and members of Case Mason’s dedicated subscription box team attended the 2017 Subscription Summit in Austin, Texas. According to its website, the Subscription Summit “connects today’s leaders, innovators, and partners that are driving the rapid evolution of how customers discover, buy and experience new products.” As the strategic kitting partner for an international beauty and cosmetic company’s monthly subscription box, Case Mason attended the Subscription Summit to gain more in-depth knowledge of the SubBox industry and how kitting and fulfillment companies, like Case Mason, factor into a subscription box company’s overall success. Over the course of the two-day conference, we were able to learn an enormous amount from, and network with, the many industry experts who were in attendance. Our subscription box team walked away with seven key takeaways from their time at the Subscription Summit. Continue reading “Subscription Summit: What We Learned About the Subscription Box Industry”