A Score and Five: An Employee’s Retrospective

Nowadays, staying with the same company for more than a few years is becoming less and less common. Reaching the 25-year mark at one company? Almost unheard of in the modern workplace climate. Today’s piece from Ron Young, our Strategic Procurement Manager, proves that long-tenured employees still exist and are thriving. Ron has held positions in nearly every department over the course of his 25 years at Case Mason and plays a major role in every facet of our daily operations. His wealth of knowledge is truly remarkable and is something that nearly every employee leans on each day. Here’s to Ron’s 25th anniversary! 
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Turnkey Solutions: What Does That Actually Mean?

The terms “turnkey” and “full-service” get tossed around a lot in our industry these days. But what do those terms really mean? The simplest way to define those terms is the ability to take a product from a rough concept to a finished good ready to be distributed to the consumer market. We dive into the many stages of what it means to provide turnkey services below.

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Key Questions to Ask During the Prospecting Process


Prospecting and then onboarding a new client is a very exciting process, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into qualifying a prospect and then preparing for the initial production run. The first few interactions with a prospect are extremely important, whether it be in person, by email, or on the phone. It’s a time to feel them out a bit and learn more about their product and the specific services they’re looking for. Through those early interactions, we’re able to gauge the prospect’s legitimacy and figure out if Case Mason is the right fit for their product. In order to determine if Case Mason is the right fit, there are a few starter questions that we typically like to ask. We go into detail below on why all of these questions are so important. Continue reading “Key Questions to Ask During the Prospecting Process”

Case Mason Orioles Game Outing


We’re always trying to come up with different ways to say thank you to our employees for all that they do. Without their dedication and close attention to detail, our company wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we’ve been for the last 44 years. This summer, we wanted to show our appreciation in a different fashion than we normally do. We came up with the idea to shut down our facilities for a half day on June 28 and attend the Orioles vs. Mariners game. Baltimore is a sports town through and through, so we thought it would be great to support our hometown team as a company.

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The Differences Between Stretch, Shrink and Bundling Film

bundling film

Stretch film. Shrink film. Bundling film. We hear these terms every day in our industry. Sometimes they are used correctly; but more often than not, the names are interchanged and confused for one another. In order to protect the quality of the product(s) and drive operational efficiency to maximize financial results, using the correct film is crucial. It’s our responsibility, as the industry experts, to steer the client in the right direction and make sure that the correct film is sourced and used for each project. Each type of film may look similar, but their uses are very different. Continue reading “The Differences Between Stretch, Shrink and Bundling Film”

PACK EXPO East 2018 Recap

Pack Expo

Last week, we attended PACK EXPO East in Philadelphia. Industry events like this can sometimes be a bit overwhelming due to the physical size of the space, massive crowds of attendees, and the number of exhibits. We didn’t find Pack Expo East to be like that at all. PACK EXPO East provides an opportunity to interact with a large, but not overwhelmingly large, network of packaging industry suppliers and manufacturers, as well as brands looking for partnerships on their next project or product line. There were 6,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors in 100k square feet at this year’s PACK EXPO East. Compare that to PACK EXPO International, which will have 50,000 attendees and over 2,500 exhibitors in just about 1.2 million square feet, and it’s easy to see why PACK EXPO East exists in the first place. Continue reading “PACK EXPO East 2018 Recap”

Is Standardized Packaging the Way to Go for Your Brand?

standardized packaging

A product’s packaging is what captures the attention of the consumer in a retail environment, but the actual product inside the packaging is of primary importance to the consumer. A first-time customer or a person who walks into a store without a preset purchasing agenda might gravitate toward the most unique and eye-catching packaging, but if the product inside does not meet or exceed expectations then that individual is not going to become a repeat customer. This is the tricky balancing act brands face when designing packaging. Without a quality product, the attractiveness of the packaging is rendered obsolete. On the other hand, an unbiased consumer might not consider purchasing a product at all because the packaging does not appeal to them.  Continue reading “Is Standardized Packaging the Way to Go for Your Brand?”

The Family Business Factor

Family Business

Family-owned and operated businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, and the many benefits of working with a family business can’t be overstated in this day and age. The core foundation of a family business is based on pride, intense attention to detail, personalized services and a commitment to financial security for its employees and clients. While there are some companies that have let those values fall by the wayside over the years, there are certainly plenty that remain committed to maintaining and building upon the tradition of family businesses in America. Continue reading “The Family Business Factor”

Rising Freight Costs Affect All of Us


The shortage of truck drivers in America is not a new issue; it’s just now being magnified because of increased delivery requirements. We live in a period of time when people crave and essentially demand instant gratification in all parts of life. Consumers want what they want, and they want it in the shortest possible amount of time. Conversely, manufacturers, distribution centers and retailers are drastically tightening delivery schedule windows in order to keep up with consumer expectations and demand. With the combination of a massive driver shortage and the always increasing demand, trucking freight rates are skyrocketing and show no signs of leveling out anytime soon. Continue reading “Rising Freight Costs Affect All of Us”